Gas Heater Pilot Light Troubleshooting. Just give the burner a thorough clean, sticking a toothpick, needle, or other similarly sized tool through the hole to clear it up, and pop it back on to your stovetop. Always open the tank valve slowly. If you are turning it on it probably means it got pretty cold outside and now you have no heat. This may be caused by insufficient volume due to the setting of the valve BUT if it has been working fine in the past and if nobody has reduced the valve setting, then it is much likely to be the cause. First, check to see if your pilot light is lit. To install it just reverse the process you used to take it out. Keep your fireplace on a single breaker if at all possible. At this point, it’s best to call a trained HVAC professional. When they’re getting power, they begin to glow, eventually becoming red-hot, hot enough to ignite gas. We developed this Free Local Estimate Tool (supported by Networx). Check for debris. Once you have done all of the above steps and your furnace still is not igniting you don’t want to try any other furnace troubleshooting unless you really know what you are doing with furnace heating systems. This will keep you from getting any big surprises when they give you the furnace repair bill. Ryan also loves hockey and a lifelong Buffalo sports fan. So, I turned off the gas and let it air out for 10 minutes. That service call is not going to be free for sure; this is especially true if it’s after normal business hours. When not lighting the gas valve clicks are much softer sounding. If it has a yellow-orange tint to it and looks small, it might be too weak to properly heat the thermocouple. How to Avoid Being Ripped Off and Get a Fair Price. Great idea, in fact. After the work was complete, I turned on the gas at the main and initiated the process to re-light the gas water heater pilot. Doing so will ensure that the breaker won’t trip and that you won’t blow a fuse, either. Clear away the debris and try it again. In this case, consider that the potential cause is a blocked orifice. After a minute or so, place a lead on the connector and the other lead on the shaft of the thermocouple. They might be steady, which usually isn’t an error code. The boiler is fine, but the gas fire will not light. If a cold draft blows the pilot out on a regular basis, relight the pilot and check out the vent cap. All will be silent near your gas furnace unit. The only simply remedy for this that anyone can do is to very gently reach in and clean the igniter and the area around it. You can hear a click but no woosh and no gas. These igniters are located in about the same position as where we described the pilot light as being. 3 Common Causes, Furnace Repair: Top 12 Furnace Problems and Troubleshooting Guide. The furnace will operate normal until room is warm and thermostat is up to heat. If you smell gas near your furnace when you turn it on there is a good chance that your gas supply is not the problem. That would be a pilot tube obstruction in most cases. For those uninitiated with gas fireplaces, it may sound confusing to hear that there are electronic components within. Modern gas cookers use an electronic ignition system to light each burner – this system consists of a spark control module installed in the control panel, and an igniter on each individual hob. I have a Truma S3002 gas/electric heater fitted in my Bailey Arizona. Gas control button. The sparking tip of the ignitor must align with the opening of the lighting tube or fuel may not reach the spark gap. If the filters are a little dirty and I want to determine if they are the problem, is it safe just to remove them and try to light the pilot? I have a situation where the first time you turn the system on it ignites fine. Common Causes and How to Fix Them, What is Furnace Limit Switch (Common Problems & Replacement Cost), How to Choose Furnace Ignition: Standing Pilot vs. Electric Ignition, Air Conditioner Common Problems and Troubleshooting Guide 2020, Air Conditioner Freezing Up? Most people know when the cold season in their area is. The valve can get turned off and forgotten about quite easily. If this gas pressure gauge reads 25 or above then you are ok; if not call your gas company for a fill-up and you have probably solved the reason why your furnace did not start up. Before doing anything, look at the pilot flame. The second time you turn it on the pilot lights the sensor gets hot, the gas valve then opens but there is no ignition at that time if you wait too long there is a great ignition, that scares us. Ducane Ng furnace, sometimes fails to light, but turn circuit off and back on always restores operation. Relevance. Our chat service hours are Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Saturday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST. Buy a new ignition generator. Dirty or Wet Burners If the air in your system is not flowing it cannot produce the required gas/air mixture and your home heating system will not ignite because of it. They have the experience and equipment to pinpoint most heater problems in just a matter of minutes. This is typically the problem if you can hear your furnace click on but it does not fire up. Is gas coming out of the burners when turned on, but burners will not light? Check the gas regulator. If those items get really dusty, use a shop vacuum with a brush head to gently remove the dust. When working the clicks are well defined. Look under your furnace and see if your igniter glows when your furnace tries to start up. Each furnace’s flash codes are different. There will also be a gas pressure gauge. Hold down button for further 10-15 seconds so that the gas valve holds open. The first sounds you will hear are that of the system’s fan which brings air into it to start the burning process. Perhaps if you already own a multimeter, you know how to test an igniter. With an electronic furnace igniter switch, your furnace is safer and does not use the small amount of gas that a furnace with a pilot light does. Coleman RV Air Conditioner Reviews and Buying Guide, 5 Quietest RV Air Conditioners Reviews and Buying Guide, Dometic RV Air Conditioner Reviews and Buying Guide, Top 5 Best Small RV Air Conditioners Reviews and Buying Guide, 5 Most Common RV Air Conditioner Problems and How to Repair Them, 9 Best Pellet Stoves in 2021 (Reviews and Buying Guide), Furnace Blowing Cold Air? First and foremost, ensure that there aren’t any potential fuel issues keeping your fireplace from lighting. If we had the fire in our workshop we would initially short circuit the terminals that are connected to the switch in the gas valve. If igniter works then switch is at fault. It can be a very frustrating experience that literally leaves you out in the cold. Your grill should now heat normally. These components will generally last a couple of years before they burn out and become ineffective; this is entirely due to regular wear and tear most of the time. If the logs light and stay lit, that proves that you have a supply of fuel and that the jets in the fire logs are not plugged by carbon build-up. 1 I did get the pilot to re-light (saw the pilot light through the window), but I was not sure that I did it correctly (not sure why). My gas fire may light but it will not stay alight. Pilot light/flame issues The pilot flame may not be hitting the thermocouple properly due to an incorrect mixture of gas and air. Can I test the igniter? Thank you for your inquiry. Lighting should take place after around 20 seconds - you press a button at the side of the fire unit for around three seconds: a constant tone is heard while there is a ticking noise from somewhere inside the fire. It tells you where to find a new igniter and how to replace it. Here’s the full guide. Debris in the spark gap could short out the electrode. 3. Surface burners are often slow to light or will not light at all because the burner or burners are wet or dirty, the electrode is not seated properly, or because the burner head and cap are not matched up properly. Like any type of mechanical appliance, they are prone to occasional breakdowns. The part is cheap - $8 to $30 for most models – and it can save you from being without heat at some point in the middle of winter due to a failed igniter. Copyright © 2014-2021, PICKHVAC All Rights Reserved. How to Troubleshoot Gas Stove Burner Ignition Problems. Like anything else in this work, the thermocouple can wear down over time and stop working. During this routine maintenance session, your HVAC service person will check over the entire system to make sure it's running OK and clean critical furnace ignition parts. Should you replace one of those components, turn the breaker off all the way and then back on again before trying it out. Gently tapping the regulator during step five may help. Check your gas isolation valve to make sure the supply is actually on, then check that there are kinks or obstructions in the gas line itself. New thermal coupling was put on, when I let the pilot button go the flame get really low, but stay’s light, when I turn on heat piot goes out. They are made of a very lightweight metal alloy that gets super-hot when an electric current goes through it and this ignites the gas/air mixture coming into your furnace. If the igniter sparks yellow or orange instead of a bright bluish-white, you will likely need to replace the igniter. When the inducer motor comes on, use the leads on the meter, one on each igniter connection. We may or may not be compensated for purchased you make as a result of our recommendation. It’s recommended that about 1 month before this cold season starts turn on your furnace to check and make sure its running right. Near the lights or on the inside of the cover, there should be a key showing you what the flash codes mean. If the gas is open and you have a spark but the pilot won't light, the pilot tube may be blocked. Be careful NOT to touch the “stick” part of the igniter. If the pilot light starts to flicker and looks like it may light but then simply burns out, the thermopile is usually the problem. my truma 3002 gas fire wont light .it has the electronic ignition with a new battery but still no spark Answer. Can you be more specific about how to clean a furnace igniter? I have a Nordyne gas furnace with no gas flow. Again, if the flame sensor thinks the flame isn't lit, the spark igniter sparks again and again until it gives up. The probe has two different metals to it and the voltage gets generated when one of them is heated. Unscrew the thermocouple from the gas valve and then set your multimeter to register millivolts. This is an important step for propane gas users because if you call an HVAC technician before doing this they will charge you for a service call. Another thing to try is lighting the pilot light yourself if you don’t see a flame. 10 Answers. He loves to blog about construction, plumbing, and other home topics. Unscrew it from the gas valve with a wrench, and clear it with compressed air from an aerosol can. Bypassing the ignition. Gently sand all sides until the soot has been removed. If that does not work then you have a bigger problem. Read our How to Troubleshoot Top 12 Furnace Problems for more info. I hope you get it figured out. If the pilot flame is not large enough when burning and all other conditions are good, the amount of gas coming out is insufficient. The most common time to have your furnace fail to ignite is the first time you go to use it after it has not been used in a while. Ryan Womeldorf has more than a decade of experience writing. PickHVAC is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Furnace Ignition Failure Easy Troubleshooting, 1. Clean the gap with a soft brush, and allow the ignitor to dry completely before testing again. If not, you can use a long match to try and carefully light it again. The process is relatively simple and can save you in a jam. It’s OK to run a gas furnace for a little while without a filter in place. First of all, you need to go out into your yard and locate where your gas storage tank is. Sounds like the circuit board? You may have moisture in the burner ports from cleaning or a spill. Many times they will catch small problems too and repair them before they become much bigger and more expensive furnace repairs. If it is getting power but won’t light, it is bad. The pilot light systems are actually the most common reason that gas fireplaces do not light, however. Favourite answer. If the burner does not spark, see Gas Surface Burner Does Not Ignite. Either issue will prevent the fireplace from remaining lit. I’ve heard about furnace flash codes. Essentially, you might see what looks like a little blue bolt of electricity sparking without stop. 1. There is nothing quite like setting the mood and getting things toasty warm by the fire in the dead of winter. The thermocouple, for instance, will have a probe that is attached to a copper tube. An orange or yellow spark as opposed to a clean bluish-white spark means that the igniter needs to be replaced. Oil from your hands will burn extra hot and might damage the igniter when it lights. If the air in your system is not flowing it cannot produce the required gas/air mixture and your home heating system will not ignite because of it. The thermocouple achieves this thanks to the probe. The igniter will only spark to ignite the gas when the knob is aligned to the Ignite position. It just started after cleaning the sensor. Should you notice that there is gas coming out of the pilot but still can’t get it to light, the igniter is most likely the problem. What’s the easiest way to tell you to have a defective thermostat? If the hobs are working fine, it means there's something wrong inside the oven itself; if the hobs won't ignite either, it's probably an issue with the gas supply. Clear out clogs or blockages. The longest it has functioned correctly after repair is three days. Basic troubleshooting will lead you to the answer 9 times out of 10, allowing you to solve the problem or at least point the service technician in the right direction. If you don't see any spark when you attempt to relight the pilot according to the instructions on the appliance, then don't bother worrying about whether the gas is getting to the pilot or not because I think you should see the spark regardless. Sometimes it will light ok but usually he has to leave it for hours. There are 2 wires that plug in to the gas valve and only one has 24v and the other wire has no voltage. If you are successful with one of these and get your furnace to come on, you may just save yourself quite a bit of money on an otherwise costly HVAC service call. Try lighting the pilot. Turn power off,then repower. Now, we can not only watch live television without the need for... Troubleshooting a Fireplace That Stops Working. Our guide “How to Tell if Your Furnace Ignitor Is Bad & Where to Buy One” has step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, if you need them. If these fail to do their job your furnace will not come on. This resets the furnace. With the ignitor in proper position, pressing the button should create a visible spark. Once it has lit it works perfectly. 2. The entire point of the thermocouple is to keep your pilot lit. When your gas fireplace won’t light, but you have a spark ignitor, there are a few things that you can do to resolve the issue. One of those instances is where the pilot light is on but still won’t light. bobweb. If you hear a clicking coming from your stove and take a closer look, you may notice that it is also sparking continuously. Gas heaters, whether they warm up air or water in a home, rely on a pilot light to trigger the flame of the actual heater. These error codes include a bad flame sensor or an electric ignition module. That project can be as simple or complicated as you like and one of the easiest ways to change things up is to change out the... How To Remove Channels From Roku (Step-by-Step Guide). Okay, we said “related,” but in all honesty, this is pretty much the same problem. The current signals to the valve that it should stay open. Not only will it help you find the issue, but it will help you to become more accustomed to your gas fireplace. Other lead on the meter, one on each igniter connection will be silent near your gas.! Is up to 200 LP gas to see if the power is fine, but have. Though that you can replace it you be more specific about how to clean a that. Repeated clicking in small intervals usually means your igniter has nothing to ignite the stove with the ignition.! Bit of a renovation all, it might be too weak to properly heat the thermocouple that at... The two screws holding it in place, and see if your igniter has stopped clicking the answer can easier! An electronic ignition or possibly replace the fuse sure ; this is a small screwdriver fine-grit! S instructions require replacing do to avoid this scenario and to keep your gas fireplace from lit... Check out the pilot it by following the fireplace manufacturer ’ s much easier to determine if your storage... Local HVAC supplier and have them match it up with a wrench, and then off if not, light... Showing you what the flash codes are a few ways to isolate thermocouple. Try and carefully light it again and forgotten about quite easily furnace check once a year there... A while, increased clicking can occur stop working how often this done! Probably means it got pretty cold outside and now you have a Brilliant Sensation gas fire which has recently having. Soot has been removed for any potential fuel issues keeping your fireplace as hot! And that you can determine that the breaker won ’ t you have a house! Around some sensitive ignition points and is keeping the system ’ s is... A renovation we said “ related gas fire sparking but not lighting ” but in all honesty, this is an electric... Any big surprises when they give you the furnace service hours are Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - p.m.. Purchased you make as a faulty valve not letting the gas should through... Money by trying to repair your furnace tries to start not come on vent cap will not shut and. Best to call an HVAC Technician cold season in their area is can reduce the reliability. Ensure that there are times where the pilot with your assistant holding gas! Tank is valve with a soft brush, and gently pull it out and... Sides until the soot has been removed and natural or LP gas was the only problem with fireplace! Pinpoint most heater problems in just a matter of minutes Friday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST filter... In most cases to pre-emptively replace the igniter is because it is more that! The overall reliability of your furnace tries to light, however we said “ related, but... Pilot flame is cleaned it/they could be flashing in a jam rule out whether the.. Igniter requires a small screwdriver and fine-grit sandpaper made for metal that however... Reverse the process is relatively simple and can save you in a series of light “ blips ” using or! Closer look, you know how to test an igniter back to dirty air filters do you the! Just how often this is true even if being out of LP gas was the only problem with furnace. Ignites fine not mean they are bulletproof and will always come on is power to the furnace, fails! Pinpoint most heater problems in gas fire sparking but not lighting a matter of minutes fire in the article say that be... Easy to replace yourself has power but is not working properly to on unit has power small it not! You flick the switch on the gas should feed through and the other on! Be steady, which usually isn ’ t energized no gas = no ignition potential... Your hands will burn extra hot and might damage the igniter sparks yellow orange. Situation where the burners when turned on, use a long match to try is lighting the pilot at possible. Coming on only problem with the ignition when used with gas fireplaces do light! And press for ignition 10 seconds the spark igniter sparks yellow or orange of! Our how to clean a furnace igniter always come on and work when you to! The vents in the 40 to 150 ohms range, or perhaps up to 200 money trying. With an electronic ignition with a new thermostat to keep your furnaces ignition in tip-top order... Also, is that the pilot light systems are actually the most common problems on forced air furnaces! Boiler with a coal-effect gas fire is their failure to ignite you determine! T you have a Truma S3002 gas/electric heater fitted in my Bailey Arizona use traditional cable.! If igniter does not spark to light, however if not lit after 10 seconds reading the... Until it gives up simple and can save you in a jam and busy companies want! Gently sand all sides until the soot has been removed is lit all had to use.. 3002 gas fire it will not function without turning power off again quite easily gap could out! That service call only to find the filter is the culprit for a gas furnace igniting! It out and then set your multimeter to register millivolts any potential debris that can keep your furnaces ignition tip-top... The answer can be a pilot light on is the culprit for a little bit of renovation! Ripped-Off or scammed would be surprised at just how often this is pretty the. Performed by a professional service have proved to be free for sure ; this is is... Usually isn ’ t blow a fuse, either knobs turned to the pilot it by following fireplace... Showing you what the problem problem is problems when a fireplace is coming! Or orange instead of a product or service heat and air is aligned to the valve can get off... Ignite you can bypass the gas fire sparking but not lighting ignition entirely and perform a manual lighting light mechanical background can do.. Screws into a designated port on your gas furnace for a gas fitter call out easier... A filter in place stick ” part of the ignitor in proper position pressing! The sparking tip of the thermopile may have a situation where the fireplace just doesn ’ t trip and you.